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 If you would like an item shipped to a Canadian address,
you will pay the same shipping fees
as a U.S. customer. 

Just process your purchase through our shopping cart,
and we will notify you when the item is shipped.


  If  you would like to have an item shipped to a location outside of the United States or Canada -- fear not !!
Just contact us so we can arrange
shipping for you ..



We have always had good experiences with USPS,  not only
do we  find them to be cost effective, 
they are also very reliable.

However, if you would prefer we
use a different shipping method for your order,
please contact us  

JUST THE GRATEFUL DEAD'S shipping and handling charges are very reasonable
     *shipping charges are based on the value of your order and it's destination
     *we charge the minimum amounts for handling
(tape, boxes, bubble wrop, etc...)